Peter Antonioni For Dummies

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Untangle the jargon and understand how you're involved in everyday economics If you want to get to grips with the basics of economics and understand a subject that affects British citizens on a daily basis, then look no further than For Dummies. This easy to understand guide takes you through the world of economics from understanding micro- and macroeconomics to demystifying complex topics such as capitalism and recession. This updated edition walks you through the history, principles and theories of economics as well as breaking down all the complicated terminology, leaving you clued up on economics in no time. Getting to grips – explore the science of economics and how people deal with scarcity Keeping an eye on it – learn all about macroeconomics and how economists keep track of everything Watch patterns emerge – understand why monitoring consumer behaviour is vital and all you need to know about microeconomics Your recession guide – expert advice on recessions and a detailed look at why they occur Open the book and find: Why you should care about economics and how it affects you ols to help you understand a recession A guide to seductive economic fallacies All you need to know on monetary and fiscal policies How supply and demand can be made easy Why it's vital to track consumer choices An in-depth look at a profit-maximising firm and the core of capitalism Guidance on property rights and wrongs Learn to: Look through economic history and spot the trends Understand micro- and macroeconomics Get to grips with consumer behaviour and its influence on the economy Spot the signs of a recession and see how economic decisions affect you

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McDaid David Wellbeing: A Complete Reference , of Wellbeing

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Part of the six-volume Wellbeing: A Complete Reference , this is a comprehensive look at the economics of wellbeing with coverage of history, research, policy, and practice. Examines the challenges inherent in studying and measuring wellbeing from an economic perspective Discusses strategies and interventions to improve wellbeing across the lifespan and in different settings Addresses the potential economic benefits for governments and policymakers of actively investing in initiatives to improve wellbeing, from the workplace to the home to the natural environment Emphasizes the need to strengthen the evidence base for the economics of wellbeing and improve methods for translating research into policy and practice

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Ha-Joon Chang : The User's

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Wayne Talley K. The Blackwell Companion to Maritime

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The Blackwell Companion to Maritime presents comprehensive and in-depth coverage of the entire scope of issues relating to shipping and port economics. Unprecedented survey of maritime economics provides full coverage of shipping and port economics In depth examinations offer an up-to-date study of the field including all facets of shipping, ports, logistics, and maintenance and topical discussion on security and environmental problems Presents original theories relating to theories for maritime carriers and ports Features contributions from the most respected international specialists in the field

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Morris Altman Behavioral For Dummies

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A guide to the study of how and why you really make financial decisions While classical economics is based on the notion that people act with rational self-interest, many key money decisions—like splurging on an expensive watch—can seem far from rational. The field of behavioral economics sheds light on the many subtle and not-so-subtle factors that contribute to our financial and purchasing choices. And in Behavioral For Dummies, readers will learn how social and psychological factors, such as instinctual behavior patterns, social pressure, and mental framing, can dramatically affect our day-to-day decision-making and financial choices. Based on psychology and rooted in real-world examples, Behavioral For Dummies offers the sort of insights designed to help investors avoid impulsive mistakes, companies understand the mechanisms behind individual choices, and governments and nonprofits make public decisions. A friendly introduction to the study of how and why people really make financial decisions The author is a professor of behavioral and institutional economics at Victoria University An essential component to improving your financial decision-making (and even to understanding current events), Behavioral For Dummies is important for just about anyone who has a bank account and is interested in why—and when—they spend money.

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Trevor Williams Trading . A to Economic Statistics for Practitioners and Students

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A practical guide to understanding how key economic and market statistics drive financial market trends The recent global financial crisis stressed the need for economists who understand how key economic and market statistics drive financial market trends and how to mitigate the risks for businesses that those trends affect. Trading provides guidance for navigating key market figures in a convenient and practical format. Emphasizing the link between economic data and market movements, this book analyzes surveys, economic growth statistics, inflation, labor markets, international trade, monetary and fiscal indicators, and their relevance in financial markets. It bypasses complex terminology to offer a hands-on, accessible introduction to financial statistics and how to profit from them. Offers clear illustrations and an easy-to-read layout to teach you how to trade profitably in financial markets and minimizes risk for your business Written Trevor Williams and Victoria Turton, authoritative public figures with experience working on the New York Stock Exchange Includes a website featuring a blog and new surveys as they develop accompanies the book Complete with worked examples and updated information, Trading is an essential, comprehensive guide to understanding every aspect of financial market trends and how to navigate them to your advantage.

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Oschepkova Viktoria, McNicholas Kevin to Country Studies. Student's Book 1

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" to Country Studies" - это учебное пособие для учащихся 10-11 классов профильной школы естественно-научного, информационно-технологического и гуманитарного направлений. Пособие знакомит учащихся с наиболее значительными событиями из истории, экономики и культуры четырех стран: России, Великобритании, США, Австралии. Все события относятся ко второй половине XIX века, периода радикальных изменений в каждой из четырех стран. " to Country Studies" построено по принципу интеграции знаний по иностранному языку и нескольких учебных дисциплин - истории, географии, мировой художественной культуры, экономики. Пособие содержит: 20 тематически организованных разделов разнообразные тексты для чтения по пяти темам: география, история, экономика, выдающиеся люди, культура упражнения на развитие умений и навыков различных видов чтения: ознакомительное, изучающее, просмотровое, поисковое задания на совершенствование письменной речи различных жанров и стилей разнообразные задания на развитие умений монологической и диалогической речи упражнения на перевод англо-русский глоссарий слов и словосочетаний

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Sumeet Desai What You Need to Know about

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George Buckley & Sumeet Desai: What You Need Know About Matters. But with confusing things like GDP and interest rates, it’s often hard to get you head around. So What do you really need to know about economics? Find out: What economic growth is and why it matters How inflation happens How jobs are created and lost How the property market works What central banks do and how it affects the rest of us The impact of government spending on the economy What You Need to Know About cuts through the theory to help you to do your job and understand the world around you better. Read More in the What You Need to Know Series and Ger Up to Speed on The Essentials… Fast.

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Матрас Lineaflex 160x195

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Chunlei Tang The Data Industry. The Business and of Information and Big Data

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Provides an introduction of the data industry to the field of economics This book bridges the gap between economics and data science to help data scientists understand the economics of big data, and enable economists to analyze the data industry. It begins by explaining data resources and introduces the data asset. This book defines a data industry chain, enumerates data enterprises’ business models versus operating models, and proposes a mode of industrial development for the data industry. The author describes five types of enterprise agglomerations, and multiple industrial cluster effects. A discussion on the establishment and development of data industry related laws and regulations is provided. In addition, this book discusses several scenarios on how to convert data driving forces into productivity that can then serve society. This book is designed to serve as a reference and training guide for ata scientists, data-oriented managers and executives, entrepreneurs, scholars, and government employees. Defines and develops the concept of a “Data Industry,” and explains the economics of data to data scientists and statisticians Includes numerous case studies and examples from a variety of industries and disciplines Serves as a useful guide for practitioners and entrepreneurs in the business of data technology The Data Industry: The Business and of Information and Big Data is a resource for practitioners in the data science industry, government, and students in economics, business, and statistics. CHUNLEI TANG, Ph.D., is a research fellow at Harvard University. She is the co-founder of Fudan’s Institute for Data Industry and proposed the concept of the “data industry”. She received a Ph.D. in Computer and Software Theory in 2012 and a Master of Software Engineering in 2006 from Fudan University, Shanghai, China.

Матрас Lineaflex 160x185

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